5 October 2020 Things

As we head into the scariest election of my lifetime, I am inspired by the ways people continue to live and attempt to thrive.

  1. I am a lifelong fan of Beth Henley, native of my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. I stumbled upon this glimpse of one of her many plays I have yet to get to see, and look forward to the day I can see a production: Laugh.
  2. I’ve fallen in love with the work of Larry Madrigal, who elevates the beauty and intimacy of the mundane and everyday.
  3. I love this essay, but especially the truth it holds: “Art is always a performance. It can be true, but it is never completely honest.”
  4. I just finished Hunger by Roxane Gay. It is hard to read a memoir about sexual assault and obesity, but the words of humanity and survival also make it hard to put down. Both experiences are common, and we should not pretend otherwise by looking away.
  5. I frequently say my favorite setting is change of scenery. This is me yesterday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at Falls Park, basking in the sunshine, time with my kids, and lots of pretty sights.


Writer, comedian, producer, mother, thinker, preoccupationist, Minneassippian.

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