5 Truth-Tellers

  1.  I watched the Joan Didion documentary on Netflix currently, and was surprised to discover her essay on the Central Park Jogger case, asking important questions a decade before these gentleman were acquitted – an insightful consideration of competing resentments indeed.
  2. Like in #1, as I age I am always surprised to hear voices had shouted the truth, but the sentimental narrative is still what sticks in our national psyche.  That is clearly true of Hiroshima and our national vengeance.
  3. That very sentimental narrative we cling to likely will resist the truth of this.
  4. And among legendary truth-tellers, Fannie Lou Hamer did just that 56 years ago today at the DNC.
  5. You can argue big government and small government all day long, but when we fail to recognize the interdependence within our large economic system, we waste valuable resources in the name of saving money.


Writer, comedian, producer, mother, thinker, preoccupationist, Minneassippian.

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