Things I Love in the Twin Cities

For now, I have set aside performing to do the most basic things that will keep me sane, which are working (that day job that pays the bills), time with my kids, and really boring self care things that keep me sober.  I am not going out much, because one of those really boring self care things is getting a good night’s sleep and making sure my house is in order (kind of).

But I live in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities are filled with so many amazing things to do, here are a few of my favorites I see when I do get out.

Any comedy open mic: Love comedy but limited on funds? There open mics every day all over town.

Baddie’s Comedy Club: Great monthly showcase at New Rules. Great food and drink offerings.

Comedy Corner Underground: One of the best comedy clubs in town, run by a cooperative of local comics. Regularly features nationally touring comics in an intimate club setting.

Huge Theater: Great Improv! Great community theater.

Sisyphus Comedy Room: My favorite comedy room second only to Acme.

Strike Theater: Amazing stories galore and a variety of spoken word events.

Yellow Tree Theater: Yes, it is all the way up in Anoka but it has an intimate theater, incredible quality productions, and very reasonable prices.


Writer, comedian, producer, mother, thinker, preoccupationist, Minneassippian.

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